Hello from Solarestique

Hello from Solarestique

here your solar journey begins with expert permit designs navigating local regulations seamlessly. Unlock financial potential with personalized proposals. Elevate aesthetics with our presale designs, merging functionality and appeal for successful solar projects. Let's shape the future of sustainable energy together.

Service #1

Solar Permit Design

Our expert design team at Solarestique specializes in producing precise and thorough solar permit designs. We navigate the intricate landscape of local regulations and building codes to ensure compliance and streamline the permit approval process. From residential rooftops to large-scale solar installations, we provide comprehensive design packages that includes structural analysis, electrical diagrams, and other crucial documentation.

Service #2

Financial Proposals

A vital step in the development of a solar project is determining its financial viability. At Solarestique, we offer comprehensive financial proposal services, providing our clients with detailed cost-benefit analyses, return on investment calculations, and financial modelling. Financing options include PPA-EZ, Lease, Loan and Cash options. Our team works closely with you to understand your financial goals. This allows us to develop customized proposals that meet your goals and optimize your investment in solar energy.

Service #3

Presale Designs

When it comes to residential and commercial properties, the aesthetics and functionality of a solar system are crucial factors. Creating visually pleasing solar installations that easily blend with the existing architecture is the main goal of our presale design services. By showcasing the benefits of solar energy in an appealing manner, we help you attract potential customers and boost sales.

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We've got proof of our work

After working with clients for years we have our own library of work to show which you can check out from the link below